Our public IRC communications network was established back in 1995. What started as a single-server setup has since grown into a proper network, spanning across two continents. 

We operate ~10 UnrealIRCd nodes (3 hubs, located in EU, US and CA). Round-robin hostname (irc.nixnodes.net) DNS responses are based on geolocation lookups against resolver's IP address - the system attempts to direct clients to servers in the same region in order to minimize latency and improve connection stability.

Full server list:

irc.lj.si.nixnodes.net EU Slovenia YES YES ONLINE
irc.ch.md.nixnodes.net EU Moldova YES YES ONLINE
irc.st.se.nixnodes.net EU Sweden YES YES ONLINE
irc.va.us.nixnodes.net US Virginia YES YES ONLINE
irc.mi.us.nixnodes.net US Michigan NO YES ONLINE
irc.la.us.nixnodes.net US California NO YES ONLINE
irc.or.us.nixnodes.net US Oregon YES YES ONLINE
irc.tor.ca.nixnodes.net CA Canada YES YES ONLINE
irc.amaama.org CA Canada YES YES ONLINE
irc.ipnextgen.net  CA  Canada  YES YES   REDIRECT


More info here.